26 April 2008

140. Ex-Pat Canadian Female Now In The U.S. And Voting For The First Time

I was at a planning meeting with Barack and his handlers. They were talking about a televised town hall program they were going to participate in that night.

I decided to fly up to the ceiling to see what Barack's reaction would be. He kept talking with his handlers and pretty much ignored the fact that I was hovering over him. They were growing more animated as they discussed a woman who was going to be in the audience. She had contributed a lot of money to the campaign and Barack wanted to be able to answer her questions during the show, but he needed a way to identify her. Someone suggested they paint her face bright red. I thought that was too obvious and suggested they just paint a red X on her neck. They liked that idea.

Though I'm a Hillary supporter, I woke up feeling a bit more positive towards Barack.


DEHOWES said...

Wow. I can't help but think that this is working through both the personality differences as well as generational issues between Hillary and Barack. Hillary has paved the way for Democrats (she gives money to Barack) and she is omnipresent (hovering over him). Barack responds in a way that ignores the haunting presumption that she is above him, but also tries to be attentive to her. Ultimately though, he must "mark her" -- and the contrast between his cool demeanor and the red x couldn't be more stark, even if he refuses to say directly that she has a red face, at the suggestion of women everywhere.

WhateverLolaWants said...

Ooooh, nice interpretation! I could definitely see it.