15 April 2008

130. 22-Year-Old Female College Student

Barack and I are dating and it's pretty serious. He wants to get married but I tell him I won't unless he passes two particular bills. They are awesome; the equivalent of universal health care and free college education for everyone.

We find ourselves at a big party. (I'm pretty sure it's the same place Roslin announced that Baltar had won the vice-presidency in Battlestar Galactica.) Barack takes the stage. He makes an announcement that he will introduce the two bills to Congress.

Watching him, I know that, in some way, he's doing it for me.


Ethan said...

Wow, you are dreaming dating Barrack Obama. Obama is great man indeed. He has many experiences living in other people's countries. He learn various cultures. Because of this reason, he has the open mind related certain issues. Wish some other people also do the same.

Keith said...

A dream is a flower bed. Sometimes the dreams that motivate us to become better people. I own my ideals reached with optimistic and I think my dreams can not be achieved easily but I have tried to keep my dream come true but also accompanied by a prayer to God.