01 April 2008

111. Male Software Developer In His Fifties In L.A.

I was taking a cooking class from Barack Obama. Every Monday evening he showed up to teach us cooking, even though he was still immersed in the presidential campaign. As he came in to the classroom, he looked very calm and started talking about today's lesson.

He said that today we would be cooking seafood, and that it was important that the food be fresh. So we all went out on a boat and traveled along a rocky shore. It was already night and we went into a cave. After a while, the crew told him we were there, and Barack started telling us what we were going to catch.

All along, I was so touched that he would take time out from his campaign just for the twelve of us, but it seemed very important to him. I got the sense that this break from campaigning was important to him, and I wondered where he had been earlier that day.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Lots of religious imagery there. The 12 apostles, fishing, Barack as Jesus.