26 April 2008

141. 18-Year-Old Female In Northern Virginia

I'm going to visit my father at work in Washington D.C. I am waiting in a particularly long line at a Metro station when I get to the front, and who should be there but Barack Obama! The metro turns out to be not a metro at all -- it's a large, high-speed roller coaster! Me and Barack strap into a dangling car and get ready to go! We also apparently know each other, which I don't find odd.

We make some brief conversation and I tell him that I am a supporter of his and he thanks me. He is really nice. We continue to ride the roller coaster and when the ride ends, we say good-bye and wave. He might as well have been a friend of mine.

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Taste & Sight said...

His presidency will be a roller coaster ride (up=good, down=bad) together with you-as a supporter/constituent/American; he will not be able to solve though the problems of the country in this 'roller coaster administration'.