01 April 2008

113. Heterosexual American Woman And Dancer

Barack and I had a dinner date where I was too shy to ask him the pressing political questions that were on my mind. I could only think to ask the well-worn question, Where did the expression, "Audacity of Hope" come from?

From de Tocqueville, he said, and gave me two volumes to read.

After dinner, propped up against the counter, he couldn't stop gazing into my eyes. The inevitable, delicious kiss followed. I thought of how I had to consider Michelle and not let it go any farther than that, but then he admitted he had something he wanted to show me. He then took off his clothes and placed me on his lap. Under my female genitalia he arranged to show his own, and they looked a lot like mine. I touched them to be sure, and they felt a lot like mine. I reached under them to see if he had male genitalia and asked him softly, Do you have a penis, also?

He said, No.

I was touched that he felt comfortable enough to share that with me, and didn't feel he was any less masculine for his female genitalia.


GSR/TWN said...

Obama represents the lady/beast in REVELATION 17. He stands for the Sodom and Egypt of REV.11 in one package. I have seen dreams where Hillary has a penis. Same thing. GSR

OBamaSESSED said...

i had a dream similar to that one except that we were at our children's (his daughters' and my son's) school to pick them at the end of school and i asked him if i could get a lift. i was afraid to ask cuz i had a crush on him and had for a long time and i thought i might lose my words or something. but i asked anyway and he said he was glad i asked or something like that. anyway, next thing you know we're in the back of a van. he lifts my skirt and puts himself between my legs, we shudder, he slightly emits a fluid, we feel guilty immediately, then he leaves from inside me, and suddenly we're in his house. im sitting on the floor, dripping onto the carpet, and michelle puts a blanket around me. theyre entertaining company. im not sure who it was, but i think it was nancy pelosi or some other white superdelegate female. maybe claire mccaskill. weird dream.

ivoted said...

Favorite one. Favorite one.

Anonymous said...

from wikipedia article on de Tocqueville:
In 1855, he wrote the following text published by Maria Weston Chapman in the Liberty Bell: Testimony against Slavery

"do not think it is for me, a foreigner, to indicate to the United States the time, the measures, or the men by whom Slavery shall be abolished. Still, as the persevering enemy of despotism everywhere, and under all its forms, I am pained and astonished by the fact that the freest people in the world is, at the present time, almost the only one among civilized and Christian nations which yet maintains personal servitude; and this while serfdom itself is about disappearing, where it has not already disappeared, from the most degraded nations of Europe.
An old and sincere friend of America, I am uneasy at seeing Slavery retard her progress, tarnish her glory, furnish arms to her detractors, compromise the future career of the Union which is the guaranty of her safety and greatness, and point out beforehand to her, to all her enemies, the spot where they are to strike. As a man, too, I am moved at the spectacle of man's degradation by man, and I hope to see the day when the law will grant equal civil liberty to all the inhabitants of the same empire, as God accords the freedom of the will, without distinction, to the dwellers upon earth."

Frank said...

Hi, I found this post is really unique. Although I never had any dream about Obama, still I give my respect to him. I would also like to thank to those who share their dreams here. Regards.

Pierre said...

Great site! That's powerful and inspirational. This is a terrific website. I like it a lot. I think Barack Obama is not only a charismatic president but he is a very intelligent and smart person too. I pray that the Lord gives him the wisdom he needs to rule America and world leader.