21 April 2008

135. 18-Year-Old Female

I'm watching The Today Show (and do not find anything odd about this for some reason). A breaking news graphic springs to life on the screen, and I see a shot of a very dirty toilet. The voice-over says that it's Barack's dirty toilet. What they're implying is: Do we really want a man who doesn't keep his toilet clean running the country?

Barack replies. He's like, Seriously?


Anonymous said...

...perhaps he has other strengths:


Anonymous said...

hmm, this dream seems to be coming true.

Taste & Sight said...

In Oriental symbolism: Toilet represents the 'safe' of the home. If Obama's toilet was "very dirty" that means he (or YOU) can't seem to keep his (your) OWN personal finances in check; or it seems that his (your) finances (and the country's) are all jeopardized into one under his presidency since there was only one toilet shown in your dream;

Obama replying: "seriously?" means YOUR reply in your waking life to people who questions your financial style or spending.