26 April 2008

139. Female Freelance Videojournalist

Barack and I were walking around this dangerous neighborhood at night. There were no people around, just angry rabid dogs. I kept turning down the wrong street and the dogs would come out of nowhere and start chasing me. Barack would grab my hand and make me run the other way so we could escape them. The dream went on and on like this. I kept turning down the same alley and facing the same dogs and Barack kept pulling me to safety.

I had this dream the night Hillary won Pennyslvaia.


Anonymous said...

Angry dogs chasing me is a recurring nightmare i have. I feel closer to you because of it.

Taste & Sight said...

Are you shy? slow? soft spoken? Then there are people who treats you just like rabid dogs w/c represent people who barks orders at you/mistreat you. You must have an unconscious feeling of Obama as your savior, maybe looking for a 'friend' who can help you with your low self-confidence so you can face these 'rabid dogs'.