07 April 2008

124. Democrat Woman With Family And No Dog

I was walking a large dog on a leash when Barack approached with small dog on a leash. In order to let them pass, I let go of the leash of the big dog. The dog ran off and I felt guilty. Later, I spoke with my husband to tell him that I once again let go of the dog's leash to let Barack and his dog go by. My husband insisted that I be firm and hold my ground while letting them pass.


Anonymous said...

White liberal guilt = Letting go of dog.

Husband says, "Stand your ground. You are not guilty."

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps you need to let go of your desire to see a woman elected to the highest office in the land. And you feel bad that you are letting women go in order to vote for Barack.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton is not a dog.