30 March 2008

109. 43-Year-Old Male Technical Writer Supporting Barack

I was at a resort. There was a building we all passed through to get to the beach. Barack Obama was there greeting the guests of the resort as we came in. He walked with me a few steps and made sure I had towels and a drink before going out on the beach. I relaxed for a while, then decided to shower there. I returned to the building where a friendly and helpful Barack showed me to an empty shower. I showered. Feeling relaxed and refreshed, I exited the stall and attempted to hang my used towel on a hook outside the door. Barack became serious all of a sudden and told me not to hang up the towel. He said that I had to fold the towel longways in thirds, then roll it jellyroll style. He showed me a basket where I had to place the jellyrolled towel, flat side down. I was no longer relaxed when I looked at the basket with one layer of towels, folded and rolled as he had instructed.

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