08 March 2008

47. A Liberal Feminist In Kansas

I went to Washington to meet Barack. He was running around and I kept having to run to catch up with him. I was going up to people and telling them who he was – that he was running for president, and just all the great things about him.

But I was not doing a good job. I would stutter and lose my train of thought. People weren't listening to me. I was so frustrated! These people were walking right past him and they didn't know that he was the most amazing man in the world!

Barack and I ended up in his small office. It was inside a classroom where advanced math was being taught. We talked for some time and I explained that I am not a good speaker – that I have problems conveying my thoughts accurately. He told me to talk to one of his staff who would help me.

Then I asked Barack why he had allowed me into his office and he said it was because of my “letter.” Apparently I had written him a letter. Well, he had to run off again, this time to the Library to Congress to return a copy of the Constitution that dated back to the 1700s.

I began going up to people in the street, and talking to them, trying to tell them who Barack Obama was, but I was no better than I had been in the beginning.

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Anonymous said...

I hear ya'. But there's lots of folks saying the same who "didn't stutter" and there are still people walking by and not noticing. Who knows why? It's really not rocket science, or advanced math. (If it were I wouldn't understand it.)