24 March 2008

98. Female Graphic Designer In Denver

I am at a nice, big cabin in the mountains of Colorado with some close friends and family, when an unplanned guest shows up. It is Barack Obama. He is so weak he can barely walk.

Some men are helping him into the house. I get close and see that he is crying. I say, It's ok, it's just tears of milk. White tears are streaming down the left side of his face.

The men begin helping him down a wooden deck toward the master bedroom, when Barack slumps down and something comes out from him: it is a big white snowball, followed by a large snow cube carved in an ornate way.

Then the men help him up and he goes into the bedroom to lie down.


Alex said...

Is the story true? It's such dramatic situation. This can be sad moment which can make people cry. But, I think that Barrack was never that poor.

Pierre said...

Seriously, it is just your dream right? I don't think Obama was that poor, just like what Alex said. Indeed, he moved from Honolulu to Indonesia and came back to Honolulu again, but I think his life was prosperous enough.