27 March 2008

105. Another Dream Of Margaux's, Whose Hillary Dream Inspired This Site

I had a dream it was snowing a lot. I went across the street to do laundry, then next door to get a drink where I met my boyfriend. Obama was in there giving a speech. It wasn’t so bad. It was just like he was talking to everyone privately at a table with strong soft words. It didn’t feel like he was hogging the mic. Obama asked us to take him back to where we were living. We took him to two places that became one: the apartment where we lived, that was dark and cold and poor, and the house down the street some kids we knew lived in whose parents had died. It was beautiful and rich. Sheila and Lauren and someone else were sharing a bed in a cold dark room where the windows were broken. Obama was sitting on the edge of the bed reading a rainbow card I had made myself to not feel so sad. He read it out loud, quietly – he said it was dumb and magical. I was in the hallway, I nodded.

I woke up in the rich house in a huge soft bed with clean sheets and cream carpeting. The windows were broken and all the snow was coming in.

[The Hillary dream...]

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