18 February 2008

4. The Party Of A Female Teacher

Barack dropped by my apartment unexpectedly while I was having a small party with friends and family. He was not Obama the presidential candidate, but more like Barack the cool celebrity. He arrived in a whirlwind, and before I had time to let it sink in, he was gone. He kept saying I'll be right back, as he left in a hurry with his assistant, a fashionably-dressed young man. I watched out the window as they got into a cream-colored limousine, which was parked right in front of my building. The limo had lights on the outside which made it look like it was glowing and all-the-more glamorous.

After Barack left, more people stopped in because word had spread that Barack was at my place. We waited for him to come back as he had promised. Suddenly (as often happens in my dreams) I realized I didn't have any pants on. My doorbell rang, and I scrambled to get some pants on while thinking, Oh my gosh, it could be Barack at the door. I put on my brown corduroys because that's all I could find. They were way too tight and I could barely walk. I went quickly to the door to find two of my cousins, not Barack. The limousine did come back later, but only his assistant got out. I was disappointed.


Anonymous said...

Was it an eco-friendly hybrid limosuine, I wonder?

Aqua said...

The part about you realizing that you didn't have any pants on made me laugh out loud.